Budapest Series

Learn about Budapest and its beautiful neighborhoods through our engaging stories and the exciting adventures of our characters.

Series #1

Our first Budapest Series starts with the two-part story of Daniel who lives in Chicago but travels to Budapest to solve a family mystery filled with love, history and delicious cakes. The following episodes will introduce you to other characters as their stories will walk you through some of the most beautiful neighborhoods of Budapest.

Cakes will be a reoccurring theme in this Budapest Series and each episode will feature a Hungarian cake that you can try at Auguszt, the oldest family-owned pâtisserie in Budapest. Through these stories, you will also get to learn about 4 neighborhoods in the city and we will include tips and recommendations on how you can best explore these areas while in town.

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Episode #1
Daniel – Part One
Daniel, an artist in his late 30s, lives in Chicago. One day he discovers an old cocoa tin that belonged to his grandmother who was originally from Hungary. The photos and a mysterious recipe inside the tin prompts Daniel to embark on an exciting journey to Budapest...
Episode #2
Daniel – Part Two
Join Daniel on his trip to Budapest where he tries to piece together the family mystery. Explore the most beautiful neighborhoods of the city and try the most delicious cakes as Anna's story unfolds.
Episode #3
Discover Nóra's story and her mysterious "cakematching" skill that makes her tiny café one of the most popular spots among couples in Budapest. However, while Nóra can see right through these couples, she can't seem to figure out her own love life, until one day, a handsome stranger walks into her café...
Episode #4
Coming soon!
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Episode #5
Coming soon!
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