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We help you make the most of your trip to Budapest. Whether you’re just thinking about visiting the city, actively planning your trip or already in town, we have all the information you need about Budapest.


Make the most of your stay in Budapest with our recommended tours and activities. Discover the city through its growing craft beer scene, sample the amazing foods and get a taste of the wonderful Hungarian wines.

Custom Tours

Put together your very own Budapest tour. No pre-set route and itinerary; we will tailor the tour to your interests and preferences, so you can enjoy learning about Budapest and Hungary on your own pace and through the places and experiences you’re really interested in exploring.

Hotels & Accommodations

With over a thousand hotels and other accommodations in Budapest, it is not easy to decide where to stay. Check out our curated list of hotels and other accommodation to find your home away from home while in Budapest.

Free Budapest Guides

Start planning your trip with our Free Budapest Guides with tips on activities and things to do, the best craft beers to try, restaurants, foods, cafés and more!

Budapest Trip Planner

Plan your trip in less than a minute and get recommendations on activities, places to visit, restaurants and more based on your interests and preferences.

Budapest FAQ

Got any questions about Budapest? Learn about the city through our collection of frequently asked questions and answers.

Recommended Books

From Kati Marton’s Enemies of the People to Julie Orringer’s acclaimed novel The Invisible Bridge, these remarkable books will give you a great insight into Hungarian culture, history and of course, into life in Budapest throughout the different eras. And we also have some great recommendations on guide books and cook books.

Our Blog

Explore the city through our articles about things to do in Budapest and beyond, the culinary scene, hidden places or travel tips and enjoy our videos about a state-of-the-art film studio, the royal launch of a new luxury rail journey, meet locals with interesting stories about Budapest and more…

Budapest Series

Our first Budapest Series starts with the two-part story of Daniel who lives in Chicago but travels to Budapest to solve a family mystery filled with love, history and delicious cakes. The following episodes will introduce you to other characters as their stories will walk you through some of the most beautiful neighborhoods of Budapest.

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