Here is one of Budapest's best kept secrets!

Here Is One of Budapest’s Best Kept Secrets!

When you live in a big city, like Budapest, you might get tired of the busy city life from time to time. Although there are cafés in the center, where you can find some privacy, there is also a special place where you can relax and recharge your batteries.

Not far from the city center, there is a Botanical Garden, where you can enjoy an incredible atmosphere. For Hungarians, this garden is mostly known from the famous book called the Paul Street Boys as it was the main setting of the story. The primary role of the Garden is to offer a teaching site for several universities in Budapest, including the University of Medicine.

Classes are regularly held here and students also visit the garden individually to examine the various plants and learn their latin names. However, the garden is open to everybody and unlike most parks in the city, where it can be a challenge to find a private spot, here, you enjoy some real quiet time.

The Botanical Garden (at its current location since the late 19th century) is home for more than 8000 types of plants and over 150-year of trees. There is also a beautiful palm house and the so-called Victoria House where you should absolutely check out the Amazonian water-lily. As you wander around the garden, you can discover different themes, such as the rose- and the Asia gardens, and it’s quite incredible how the plants and the atmosphere change in every few meters.

The Garden is quite small, but it’s still easy to miss some spots, such as the little stream, the mini bamboo forest, or the pond. There are a few benches, so you can sit down for a while and just observe what’s around you as the Garden is home for many birds and animals, too. Also, if you live in Budapest, it’s worth visiting the Botanical Garden several times throughout the year because the colors and the smells are different each time. The pictures below are from a late summer visit.

ADDRESS    25 Illés Street, 1083 Budapest    SHOW ON MAP
OPENING HOURS    Between April 1st and October 30th: every day from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Between November 1st and March 31st: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
TICKETS    Adult: HUF950, student: HUF500, passes: HUF 2000 (for one month) and HUF6000 (for one year)

IMG_3266Photo: Budapest Local
IMG_3329Photo: Budapest Local
IMG_3288Photo: Budapest Local
IMG_3292Photo: Budapest Local
IMG_3319Photo: Budapest Local
IMG_3318Photo: Budapest Local
IMG_3305Photo: Budapest Local
IMG_3326Photo: Budapest Local
IMG_3348Photo: Budapest Local
IMG_3344Photo: Budapest Local
IMG_3338Photo: Budapest Local

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