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Our 12 Favorite Articles About Budapest in 2015

The end of the year has us all reflective here at Budapest Local. A year is a long time in any city and Budapest, which is fast becoming the destination of choice for curious tourists, is no exception. So we decided to take a look at what has been written about the city over the last 12 months.

JANUARY | 15 Reasons We Love Budapest at We Love Budapest

With the festive season firmly aside, the folks over at local site We Love Budapest decided to get all meta with this life affirming post. If, like many people, you’re suffering from a little winter blues as this year draws to a close, this article is a great reminder of just about everything you probably love about this city (or will love when you come to visit).

From the endless summer festivals to the great views, the delicious food and hidden beauty around just about every corner, they’ve pretty much covered it all. Read the article.


Photo: welovebudapest.com

FEBRUARY | The Farsang Parade: Rated PG-13

As February rolled in, the keen cultural explorer Phillip Done, known for his blog An American in Budapest, told us about his day out at the curious Farsang, Hungary’s equivalent of Carnival. One of the most famous ones, known locally as the Busójárás, takes place in the city of Mohács and old city of Turk occupational influence.

So the story goes, the locals became tired of the Turks and donned scary masks in the hopes of sending them packing. With the Turks now gone, they still enjoy wearing the masks each year, these days to scare away winter. Read the article.


Photo: anamericaninbudapest.com

MARCH | 7 Things We’re Guessing You Didn’t Know About Hungary

As Spring began to blossom in Hungary, local writer Colm Fitzgerald decided to give us all a little education with his piece over at Matador. Among other things, it reminded us that Hungarians write their last name first, love wine and bathing in hot water, are most definitely not Slavic and, yes, have to pick their children’s name from a pre-approved government list. Read the article.

APRIL | Celebrities Loving On Budapest (and Hungary)

Having put Budapest on the map with his hit song ‘Budapest’, George Ezra prompted We Love Budapest to remind us that, in fact, pretty much every celebrity that has ever come here has pretty much loved it. In their piece, we find out that Queen filmed a concert here and even took a shine to the Parliament building, with Freddie Mercury quipping “Is it for sale? How many bedrooms?”

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Meanwhile, Katy Perry loved it here so much she tweeted about it and Anthony Hopkins spent every day of his eight weeks here taking long walks to Buda Castle. Read the article.

MAY | Real Estate in Hungary

Do you enjoy looking at pictures of grand houses and thinking “what if”? If so, this New York Times article should give you the inspiration you need.

Showing off a Baroque mansion, fully renovated with spa facilities, a spacious basement and ornate, hand-carved shelves in the library to get you excited the article goes on to discuss the real estate market in Hungary with useful advice for those looking to get involved. Read the article.


Photo: Mark Milstein for The New York Times

JUNE | Top 10 Craft Beer Bars in Budapest

There’s no doubt about it, a craft beer revolution is underway in Budapest. With more dedicated bars popping up every month, and popular bars like Szimpla stocking more and more of the good stuff, The Guardian decided it was time for a roundup on the Budapest craft beer scene.

As well as suggesting a pilgrimage to the annual Főzdefeszt craft beer and street food festival, they also recommend a trip to bars such as local’s favourite Élesztő as well as Csak a jó sör (Only Good Beer) and Neked csak Dezső!. Read the article.


Photo: John Brunton

JULY | Budapest’s Best High-Design Hotels

Despite what the idea of an ex-Soviet city might conjure up in your imagination, Budapest is, in fact, classy, and with accommodation to match. In time for summer, Forbes took a look at some of Budapest’s most luxury places to stay.

From classic to industrial and art nouveau to retro, Budapest has lots of stylish hotels located all over the city. Many have been renovated to the highest standards in recent years, with top interior designers called in from all over the world to take care of business. Read the article.


Photo: Prestige Hotel Budapest

AUGUST | 24 Photos That Show What It’s Like to Be at Budapest’s ‘Island of Freedom’

Come August, and all people can think about is Sziget Festival, one of the biggest and best musical extravaganzas is Europe. Seeing is believing, but for those that didn’t get the chance to go along this year, Business Insider put together a great collection of 24 photos from the festival.

Think sun, colourful decoration, endless dancing and a show-stopping performance from Robbie Williams and you’re off to a good start. Click on the link to check out the images, but first, make sure you watch our video of Sziget 2015. Read the article.

SEPTEMBER | What to Drink in Budapest’s Central Market Hall

The Great Market Hall is on every visitor’s itinerary, but being the bustling place that it is, it’s not hard to feel a little lost in there, wondering what to see and what to try.

Luckily Blue Danube Wine came to the rescue to give us their great guide on what to look for at the Central Market Hall. They cover all the favourites like paprika, lángos and cured meats and give you a little backstory on each, so you can get your taste buds watering in anticipation of your visit. Read the article.

OCTOBER | Budapest Foodies Hope Cuisine Can Help Heal Anti-Migrant Prejudice

Budapest found itself a hot topic in the international press as the epicentre of the European refugee crises came to the city’s doorstep. With many thousands stranded in the city, socially conscience locals and expats went out of their way to make them feel welcome and tackle xenophobia.

NPR looked at one such initiative in their article, which follows the Körítés food festival, where 10 local restaurants served up Syrian, Afghanistan, Eritrean and Somalian treats. Read the article.


Photo: Lauren Frayer for NPR

NOVEMBER | Budapest’s Szimpla Market: Where Food and History Collide

In November, Eater decided to check out Szimpla bar in a setting that most people might not be familiar with – during its Sunday farmers market. In their piece, photographs Szimpla’s unique ruin bar architecture and enjoys fresh fruit, vegetables and snacks made with love by local producers. Read the article.


Photo: Gina Weathersby

DECEMBER | Why This Delightfully Shabby District Is Budapest’s New Must-Visit Spot

While most tourists opt to spend their time walking on the riverbanks or ruin bar hopping in the Jewish quarter, it’s worth remembering that there are plenty of hidden gems to see in Budapest. One such gem is district 8 that was recently featured in Vogue by Alia Akkam.

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Previously known for being a run down no-go area, it’s fast generating and is now home to some utterly charming cafés and restaurants, perfect if you want to get off the beaten track. Read the article.

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Photo: Brody House

Featured image: Claudio Saroldi Photography.

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