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7 Books for You to Master Hungarian Cooking and Baking

One thing most people rave about after a visit to Hungary is the wonderful food on offer here. Steeped with over 1,000 years of history, passion and cultural mixing, Hungarian cuisine is a rich treat of flavors, colors and textures. Luckily, plenty has been written about Hungarian food – so if you want to wet your appetite before a visit or want learn how to make those delicious dishes that you loved so much during your Budapest trip, then check out some of these books:

Culinaria Hungary: A Celebration of Food and Tradition

Every country has food it’s well known for, and Hungary is no exception. Aniko Gergely takes a deep dive into what is good here, introducing the reader to such delights as ‘salami, goulash, marmalade-filled crepes and many other specialities’. More than just a cookbook, this volume builds excitement in the reader by explaining the culture that surrounds the various dishes discussed.

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Fresh From The Butcher: 31 Simple, Delicious Meat Dishes Of The Hungarian Cuisine

Vegetarians and vegans look away now! Hungary is unashamedly meat proud and it won’t take more than a quick look at a restaurant menu to tell you that -and as a farming nation, this isn’t a surprise. In this cookbook, R.P. Kis’ introduces some simple, hearty recipes for you carnivores to try at home.

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A Taste of the Past: The Daily Life and Cooking of a Nineteenth-Century Hungarian-Jewish Homemaker

Jews have played an important part in Hungary’s history and they’ve certainly left their mark on the culinary culture here. In this book, the life of Jewish housemaker Therese (Riza) Baruch is reconstructed and told to give readers, among other things, an idea of what would have been on a Hungarian Jewish dinner table in the 19th century.

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Food & Cooking of Hungary

Another high-quality cookbook, this one includes 65 recipes with easy to follow steps. Helpfully it also includes 300 luscious photos documenting the creation of these Hungarian masterpieces – enough to get your mouth watering before you’ve even put on an apron.

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Food Wine Budapest: A Terroir Guide

Written by Carolyn Bánfalvi, co-founder of Taste Hungary, an independent tour company with wonderful culinary and wine tours and experiences, this book celebrates Budapest’s culinary renaissance, shining a light on the work of some of the city’s most talented chefs and their mouth-watering masterpieces. Food Wine Budapest tells you about the best restaurants, talks about Hungary’s traditional dishes and sets you up with the language and vocab you’ll need to get by.

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Hungarian Wine: A Tasting Trip to the New Old World

Hungarian wine has never quite got the attention it’s deserved, particularly considering it hits the same quality as some of the best French and Italian varieties on the market. Luckily, Hungary is embracing wine tourism, and in turn, introducing tens of thousands of people a year to this delightful tipple. Robert Smyth’s book guides the reader around Hungary’s various wine regions giving you a taste of what to expect.

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The Lost Art of Baking with Yeast & Pastries: Delicious Hungarian Cakes

While baking with yeast has all but become a lost art in some places in the world, in Hungary it’s still a staple of pastry cooking. In this book, Baba Schwartz shows, through simple recipes, just how delicious, yet easy certain pastries are to make. She also parts with handy tips on things like the perfect way to knead dough and talks about the important role that yeast plays in the baking process.

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