Hungarian Cooking Class

Sampling Hungarian foods will be one of the highlights of your trip to Budapest. Join this fun Cooking Class to learn how to prepare an authentic 3-course Hungarian lunch and then enjoy the meal with other curious travelers.

3 hours $85

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Highlights of This Experience

Hungarian cuisine is full of wonderful flavors and it offers a great variety of dishes. A traditional 3-course lunch always include a soup, a main dish and some dessert and this is what you’ll prepare in this cooking class.

This is a hands-on cooking class with several cooking stations, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to learn the various tricks and techniques of Hungarian cooking. The chef will tell you all about the ingredients and local produces and you will also learn about Hungarian cuisine in general.

You can also sign up for a breakfast and/or a visit to the Great Market Hall with the chef where you can experience the local way of grocery shopping and you’ll also get to sample some delicious local produces.

The Cooking Class

10:00 am: Arrival and introduction to the history of Hungarian cooking, recipes and techniques used and to the meal that you’ll prepare.

10:30 am – 12:30 pm: Preparing the meal following the chef’s instructions (3-course menu).

12:30 pm – 1:00 pm: Enjoying your lunch with a complimentary glass of wine.

You can use the menu below to choose the dishes that you want to cook in the class. Or you can ask for your own dishes you’ve always wanted learn how to prepare.


Gulyásleves – Goulash soup
Borsóleves – Traditional green pea soup
Tejfölös krumplileves – Potato soup with sour cream and sausage
Meggyleves – Cold sour cherry soup
Tárkonyos csirke raguleves – Chicken soup with tarragon
Jókai bableves – Bean soup
Korhely leves – “Korhely” soup (Sauerkraut, sausage, smoked ham)

Main Course

Tojásos lecsó – Paprika & tomato stew
Paprikáskrumpli – Paprika potato
Fasírozott és főzelékek – Deep fried meat loaf with creamy potato or green pea gravy
Csirke paprikás nokedlivel – Chicken paprikash with dumplings
Gombapaprikás nokedlivel – Mushroom paprikash with dumplings
Káposztástészta – Pasta with cabbage
Krumplistészta – Pasta with potato
Hortobágyi palacsinta – Pancakes a la Hortobágy style
Brassói aprópecsenye – Pork stew Brassó style
Cigány pecsenye – Pork loin Gipsy style (pan fried garlic pork loin with frites)


Pite válogatás (almás, meggyes, mákos) – Selection of pies (apple, sour cherry or poppy seeds)
Palacsinta – Hungarian style pancake with different fillings
Somlói galuska – Chocolate sponge cake with vanilla
Madártej – Floating island
Zserbó – Gerbeaud
Túrógombóc – Sweet cottage cheese balls with cinnamon
Rétes válogatás (almás, meggyes, túrós) – Selection of pies (apple, sour cherry or cottage cheese)

Why I Recommend This Experience

Tasting all the delicious foods in Budapest is a great experience, but if you also want to learn how to prepare some of the most popular local dishes, then you should sign up for this cooking class. It’s also a great activity if you want to meet other food lovers. And since you’ll learn how to prepare a soup, a main dish and a dessert, you can have your own Hungarian 3-course dinner party for your friends and family when you return from your trip!

Hajnalka Módis
Founder of Budapest Local


Adult price: 85 USD / person
Child price (up to 12 yrs): 30 USD / child
Breakfast & Market Tour: +35 USD / person
Market Tour: +30 USD / person

Premium Package: (1 addition for 55 USD)

  Group Size

2 to 10 participants


3 hours


Daily from 10am to 1pm

With Breakfast and Market Tour:
8:30am to 1pm
With Market Tour: 9am to 1pm

  Private Class

You can also sign up for a private class. Please use the booking form below to inquire about the private class options.

  Your Chef

These cooking classes are led by experienced local hobby chefs and food champions.

  What is included

Standard Package
Cooking ingredients, recipes, chef’s help, kitchenware and utensils, use of aprons, refreshment (soft drinks), and of course lunch

Premium Package
One bottle of fine Hungarian wine, a Hungarian Classics cookbook, one apron, taxi from your hotel to the Market / cooking school

  Additional Information

This experience is part of our recommended tours and activities and it is offered by one of our partner companies.

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Great experience

“It was great walking round the market with a local who can give you a bit of background context. Sylvia was an attentive and friendly host and helped me buy food souvenirs for friends. They accommodated my choice of menu items, which was different from the other people in the class. I got lots of tips from Peter about cooking and overall it was a very fun and friendly atmosphere with the other guests. The food was delicious and we were given copies of the recipes, which I’ll definitely make again. My mum also really enjoyed this experience.”

miriamohanlon, Oxford, United Kingdom

Highly recommend! Turn up with an empty stomach

“I didn’t do the market hall tour, just the cooking class. Agreed the menu of goulash, paprika chicken and apple strudel beforehand (this was good as I don’t eat cheese). Brigitte the teacher was great; very nice person who was informative about not only the recipes and ingredients, but also Hungarian history. There were only three in our class and one was cooking vegetarian so there was plenty of food to eat! Plus you get to taste some typical Hungarian breads and beverages during. Overall a great way to get to understand the culture and take some Hungarian recipes home with you to share.”

Ben H

Cooking class

“My sister and I travelled to Budapest for 4 days. Since we’re vegetarian it was near impossible to find traditional Hungarian food that we could eat. This class gave us exactly that, and it was delicious. We did a market tour along with a breakfast and our chef was so sweet! The cooking was done in a beautiful kitchen with an array of different ingredients and equipment. It turned out to be our most enjoyable day in Budapest thanks this class. (I must also add that their customer service is amazing, with quick and thoughtful replies)”

Miriam R

Take a break from sightseeing and cook Hungarian-style

“My husband and I had never taken a cooking class, but we love paprika, goulash, and strudel so this experience was a winner during our visit to Budapest. Chef Brigi was a friendly, capable, and encouraging coach as we prepared 3 courses in about 2 1/2 hours. As we learned cooking techniques, we also learned about Hungarian culture, food and drink. And then we had the reward of a hearty and tasty lunch. Yum! A memorable morning in Budapest.”

Charles M F, Coastal South Carolina, South Carolina

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