ecseri market budapest Short Stories
April 20, 2017

Pre-Loved Items for Sale

The stall owner put me down with a thud. This was my new home, at least until someone bought me, on the wooden table outside the shop in the middle…

budapest walk Short Stories
February 20, 2017

Reclaiming Budapest

If a break-up means a new beginning this is neither. First I broke myself. Then, you too. Afterwards we broke each other. Maybe the order is wrong. I do not…

karolyi kert budapest Short Stories
January 28, 2017

Iris’s Children

She has a swarm of children, a whole regiment of children. Her name is Iris. She is wearing a long flowery skirt and pearl drop earrings. She doesn’t mind when someone…

normafa budapest Short Stories
January 27, 2017

Morning Meeting

Laura woke later than planned and dressed in a hurry. She could not be late. It was dark outside as she fumbled through the clothes she’d laid out the night…

emma rault budapest short story Short Stories
December 5, 2016


Budapest in January had not seemed like a terrible idea. Elias was aware the climate was likely to be a lot harsher than what he’d grown used to, but he figured it couldn’t be much worse than…