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Reclaiming Budapest

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If a break-up means a new beginning this is neither. First I broke myself. Then, you too. Afterwards we broke each other. Maybe the order is wrong. I do not…

karolyi kert budapest

Iris’s Children

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She has a swarm of children, a whole regiment of children. Her name is Iris. She is wearing a long flowery skirt and pearl drop earrings. She doesn’t mind when someone…

normafa budapest

Morning Meeting

| Short stories | 2 Comments

Laura woke later than planned and dressed in a hurry. She could not be late. It was dark outside as she fumbled through the clothes she’d laid out the night…

emma rault budapest short story


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Budapest in January had not seemed like a terrible idea. Elias was aware the climate was likely to be a lot harsher than what he’d grown used to, but he figured it couldn’t be much worse than…

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