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Open Call for Short Stories Submissions

Budapest Local is an online media platform with articles and videos about Budapest and with featured and recommended tours and activities for travelers and expats living in the city. We are currently open for short stories submissions for publication in 2017. Please read on for more information.

General Information and Theme

We are looking for engaging and exciting short stories in English that are set in contemporary Budapest. In your short story, you will have to use specific references to the city, such as locations, venues, cafés, restaurants, or bars, and you are also welcome to use real happenings and events as part of your story. Please also keep in mind that our readers are mostly travelers who find our website while planning their trip to Budapest, so the idea is to provide them with an engaging reading experience about the city. We are accepting submissions from all age groups.

Guidelines for Submission

LENGTH: We are looking for original fiction, between 1,500 and 10,000 words in length.

ORIGINAL WORK: Your submitted short story must be previously unpublished; we do not accept simultaneous submissions.

LANGUAGE: We only accept short stories in English. Profanity, sex, and other explicit situations are fine as long as they fit within the context of the story.

DEADLINE: Submissions are open now. Submitted short stories will be considered on a rolling basis and will be published continuously. However, please note that it is at the discretion of our creative team as to which stories will be published on Budapest Local, and therefore, submitting your work does not automatically guarantee publication.

SUBMITTING MORE THAN ONE STORY: You are welcome to submit several short stories or even a series of short stories. We are happy to publish more than one story by the same writer.


With this open call, we would like to provide writers with a platform where they can share their work with a growing audience both in Budapest and abroad. Therefore, we will be publishing these short stories for free in their entirety on We also plan on publishing these stories in ebook and possibly in print editions from which you will receive a royalty (to be negotiated). Please note that we ask for exclusive rights for one year and we do not accept simultaneous submissions.

How to Submit

Submissions should be emailed to

Please attach your full short story as a document (.doc, .docx). Do not send your story as text in the body of your email. We also encourage you to send us a cover letter along with your short story to tell us about yourself and your character(s) as well as about the background of your short story. We will publish an introduction about you along with your short story.

We look forward to reading your short stories and sharing them with our growing audience.

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