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The Danube is one of the most defining parts of the breathtaking Budapest view. And yet, we don’t have much contact with the river in our everyday lives. In Budapest, there are no cafés and restaurants by the river like in Rome or Seville as massive traffic took over both river banks. So if you want to enjoy the Danube in the city center, your options are limited to one of the ships, such as Columbus Jazz Club or Spoon. (Maybe one of the exceptions is the newly opened Raqpart by the Chain Bridge on the Pest side).

However, there is an area in Óbuda, called Római-part, a 10-kilometer-long river bank and it’s the best relaxing place in Budapest. Here you can enjoy the proximity of the water with outdoor restaurants, cafés, and bars. The air at Római-part is filled with the smell of fried fish and lángos, just like in the towns around Lake Balaton.

It takes about an hour from the center to get to Római-part but it’s very easily accessible. Take the HÉV (suburban railway) from Batthiányi square to the stop called Római-part and then start walking towards the Danube on Rozgonyi Piroska Street. It’s a 20-minute walk until you reach the river. Turn right and walk about 10 minutes to Csónakház (Boat House) Mulató, where you can have lunch or dinner.

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For drinks and a small snack, make sure you check out the Fellini Bistro. (When you reach the Danube take a left and walk for about 10 minutes.) Take one of the deck chairs and enjoy a refreshing fröccs while looking at the beautiful and relaxing view. On your way back, get a cocktail at Két Rombusz and explore the funky decoration. Try to get a seat on the upstairs of one of the buses.

Csónakház Mulató
ADDRESS    30 Római-part, 1031 Budapest    SHOW ON MAP
OPENING HOURS    4pm–10pm Mon–Thu, 12pm–11am Fri–Sun

Fellini Római Kultúrbisztró
ADDRESS    5 Kossuth Lajos Üdülőpark, 1039 Budapest    SHOW ON MAP
OPENING HOURS    3pm–12am Mon–Fri, 10am–12am Sat–Sun

Két Rombusz
ADDRESS    45 Római-part, 1031 Budapest    SHOW ON MAP
OPENING HOURS    4pm–11pm Mon–Thu, 4pm–1am Fri, 2pm–2am Sat, 2pm–11pm Sun

IMG_2654Photo: Budapest Local
IMG_2650Photo: Budapest Local


Photo: Budapest Local
IMG_2658Photo: Budapest Local
IMG_2660Photo: Budapest Local


Photo: Budapest Local

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