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Visiting the Home of the Christmas Spirit

This is the third year that Projekt Showroom has come up with a great Christmas pop-up store with the most unique and special Christmas gifts. However, those who are familiar with the concept from the last two years, also know that Projekt Showroom is more than a just pop-up store: it’s a special place where the design takes your breath away every year and where the whole Holiday Season gets a completely new meaning.

This year, if you check out the Projekt Showroom Christmas Gift store, you can peek into the Home of the Christmas Spirit with a truly magical atmosphere. We asked Andrea Kincses, one of the founders of Projekt Showroom to tell us a little bit about the concept behind this year’s Christmas pop-up store.

What is Projekt Showroom?

Projekt Showroom is a pop-up store concept. The idea behind our stores is to offer products that cannot be found in the shopping malls or in other regular stores.

When did you have your first pop-up store?

We started the project with Krisztina Csikós in May, 2012. Back then, this whole pop-up concept was quite new. We had our first pop-up store in October, where the theme was children’s toys and it was a great success. Then we had six other pop-up stores and we covered different themes, such as antique and vintage furniture, Hungarian designer clothes, bicycles, and summer accessories.

What is the concept behind this year’s Christmas Projekt Showroom?

This is our third Christmas pop-up store and it’s actually a great challenge to create something different and yet exciting that is comparable to the stores of the last two years. The first Christmas pop-up store had a very natural design and we used a lot of wood.

The second Christmas store, called the Ice Palace had a very industrial touch, while this year, for the Home of the Christmas Spirit, we wanted to create a nostalgic atmosphere. For us, Christmas is a very personal Holiday; we always go to small stores to find the perfect gifts and we have our absolute favorite places where we can find the authentic Holiday atmosphere.

With this design, we wanted to show people the real Christmas Spirit that is kind, a little demonic, but also mystic at the same time. So the showroom itself is basically the home of this Spirit and visitors can explore the different spaces, including the bedroom, the bathroom, and the kids’ room. And since we couldn’t imagine the home of the Christmas Spirit with modern furniture, we decided to showcase antique furniture from Ódon-Fon.

Who did the design for this showroom?

It was done by “A fiók.” Besides interior design, they also have great ceramics and textiles as well. So Kriszti and me had the idea and the concept but we came up with the design ideas together with “A Fiók”.

projekt showroomThe entrance to the Home of the Christmas Spirit. Photo: A Fiók
projekt showroom If you’re at Projekt Showroom, don’t forget to pick up a free insulation foil that you can give to a homeless person in Budapest. Photo: A fiók

Tell us a little bit about the products in the pop-up store.

Basically, the products are arranged according the function of the different spaces. So in the “bedroom”, there are soft and comfortable slippers and bathrobes. In the bathroom, there are different shower gels and soaps. Then in the kids’ room, we arranged toys for all ages and the concept was to find toys that are not only smart and useful but also aesthetically pleasing. There is also a kitchen area with tools and products that are essential while preparing Christmas meals.

We also have delicious chocolates from Sashegyi Praliné. Around the working desk, we put together different paper products as well as books, including children’s books with some very special ones by Geopen Publishing. There are great creative products, such as the beautiful wooden pieces by Eperfa (strawberry wood) that represent the animals and trees of Hungarian forests. We always showcase jewelry and ceramics by Hungarian designers and we also have beautiful ceramics, such as the ornaments by Judit Lantos.

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Do you have favorite products in this showroom?

I love the Eperfa products and the two Marbushka mugs by Beatrix Bahony with the silver lakese. And of course, I also love the chocolates.

What will be the theme of the next Projekt Showroom?

This year or next year, we’re thinking about putting together a pop-up store that will feature everything about weddings. Then we might have another antique and vintage showroom, too because it was very successful.

ADDRESS    18-20 Dessewffy Street, 1066 Budapest    SHOW ON MAP
OPENING HOURS    10am – 8pm daily until December 22nd, 2014
For more information and updates, check out the Projekt Showroom facebook page.

projekt showroomPhoto: Bogdán Dániel Szőke
projekt showroomPhoto: Bogdán Dániel Szőke
projekt showroomMarbushka mugs. Photo: Budapest Local
projekt showroomHungaropedias. Photo: Budapest Local
projekt showroomHome of the Christmas Spriti. Photo: A Fiók

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