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Travel Back in Time in the Charming Village of Hollókő!

Hollókő is one of the most beautiful day trip destinations in Hungary. From picturesque mountains and over a century-old charming buildings to castle ruins and unique gastronomy, this tiny village has a lot to offer to curious travelers.

About Hollókő

Hollókő is located in the northeast part of Hungary, about a 90-minute drive from Budapest. A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987, the village and its surroundings offer a unique insight into what life used to be like in rural Hungary before the 20th century. Today, Hollókő has two distinct parts: the Old Village with buildings that are over 100 years old, and the New Village, where most of the town’s population lives today.

Hollókő is often called a “living village”, meaning that unlike other similar villages, Hollókő has never been turned into a museum, and residents still live in the old part of town keeping the traditional customs alive. However, most of the buildings host shops, museums and restaurants serving the many travelers from both Hungary and abroad who visit Hollókő each year.

HollókőThe Church of Hollőkő. Photo: Budapest Local
HollókőSummer in Hollókő. Photo: Budapest Local
HollókőForest trail below the Old Village. Photo: Budapest Local

What to Do and See

Hollókő is a great place to learn about Hungarian history, culture, customs and traditions, to enjoy the beautiful nature, and to explore the region’s unique gastronomy.

The Old Village consists of two streets, Kossuth Lajos Street and Petőfi Sándor Street, where you’ll find 67 houses. Some of these buildings are private houses while others have been turned into museums, shops and restaurants. If you want to learn about the history of Hollókő and about customs and traditions, make sure you visit the Village Museum, the Post Museum, the Doll Museum and The House Of The Weavers.

Make sure you also peek inside St. Martin Church, a Roman Catholic church that was built in 1889.

Dating back to the thirteenth century, the Hollókő Castle is a great place to enjoy the view over the old village and the stunning Cserhát mountains. The permanent exhibition showcases weapons from the 11th to the 16th century, traditional costumes, an intimate chapel, and a wax exhibition presenting the first lord of the castle and his family.

Hollókő wine tastingWine shop and tasting room. Photo: Budapest Local
Hollókő souvenirsUnique souvenirs in Hollókő. Photo: Budapest Local

Where to Eat?

There are plenty of options in Hollókő for a great meal. For lunch in the old village, you should try the Mívesház Vendéglő or the Muskátli Vendéglő. Palócleves is a popular local specialty similar to our traditional gulyás (goulash) soup but this version has a sour taste. Castellum Hotel and its Mikszáth Restaurant offers a more gourmet (and pricy) experience with a fusion between traditional and modern Hungarian cuisine. They also have the best coffee in Hollókő.

At Borpatika (also in the old village), you can try some local wines and also meet the winemaker. There is also a small shop called Gazduram Sajtboltja with delicious artisan cheese and they’re happy to put together a cheese platter for you with a selection of their best cheese.

HollókőOriginal furnace. Photo: Budapest Local
Hollókő CastleCastle Ruins of Hollókő. Photo: Budapest Local

When to Go?

Hollókő is a great travel destination all year round, however, you’ll have a distinctly different experience depending on the season. Hollókő is highly popular during certain Holidays, including Easter, Pentecost, August 20th and Saint Martin Day, when traditional Hungarian customs are celebration in the old village. The hot summer months are usually not that popular as most travelers prefer visiting the Balaton region. The winter months are usually also quiet except for the Christmas Holidays.

Hollókő winterWinter in Hollókő. Photo: Budapest Local
HollókőWinter in Hollókő. Photo: Budapest Local
Hollókő winterWinter in Hollókő. Photo: Budapest Local

How to Get There?

The easiest and fastest way to get to Hollókő is by car. The approximately 90-minute drive from Budapest will take you through the beautiful Cserhát mountain range.

There are two buses everyday between Budapest and Hollókő. The bus 1024 leaves at 8:30am from the Stadion Bus Station in Budapest and the trip takes 2 hours. The bus 439 leaves at 3:15pm also from the Stadion Bus Station and arrives at Hollókő at 5:25pm. For the way back, you can take the bus 439 at 5am or 7:30am or the bus 1024 at 3pm or 4pm.

Download our Free Budapest Guides to learn how you can make the most of your trip.

HollókőWinter in Hollókő. Photo: Budapest Local

Where to Stay?

If you want to spend more than one day in Hollókő (which I highly recommend!), then you have plenty of options for accommodations. You can either stay in one of the guest houses in the old village to find out how people used to live in the early 20th century.

Although the buildings have been renovated to accommodate our modern needs, including indoor plumbing, you can still experience the traditional way of living through the interior with original furniture and decoration. These accommodations all have bathrooms and kitchens, and you can easily do your grocery shopping at a local store nearby. Check out the Kemencés Guest House, the Kaláris Guest House, the Mikula Porta, the Nefelejcs Guest House or the Hollóköves Guest Houses for a one-of-a-kind accommodation.

If you’re looking for a more modern experience, then we recommend Castellum Hotel Hollókő, which opened only a couple of years ago. This hotel features beautiful rooms with modern design, a great wellness section and a top-notch restaurant. Make sure you ask for a room with a view over the old village!

HollókőWinter view over the Old Village from Castellum Hotel Hollókő. Photo: Budapest Local

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