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Our 12 Favorite Articles about Budapest in 2016

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budapest in 2016


To help start the year right, Saveur hit us up with an article talking about the recent trend of supper clubs forming in Budapest. Thanks to dine-with-a-local experiences, kitchen takeovers and high-end foodie tours, traditional Hungarian cuisine is being expertly evolved and delivered a whole new generation of tourists and curious locals.

jewish budapest
Photo: Zoltán Perényi/Budapest Local


There’s no doubting that Budapest is a beautiful city, and thanks to its stunning architecture, it’s also a mecca for photographers both amateur and expert. One such shutterbug who goes by the username Makro86 claims to have spent 5 years searching for the perfect light in which to take photos of the city. His secret? Just after sunrise, and just before sunset. The results? See for yourself.

Photo and featured image: Mark Mervai

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The brainchild of tech whizz Elon Musk, Hyperloop offers the chance to travel in trains that reach speeds of up to 700 miles per hour via pods that travel in a semi-vacuum tube. To the excitement of many, the company recently announced that it was conducting a feasibility study on connecting Bratislava, Vienna and Budapest. Unable to commit to a timetable and with costs likely to be in the hundreds of millions of dollars, the idea is a pipedream for now – but a 20-minute journey between Budapest and Vienna would be nice!

Photo: Hyperloop


Budapest was treated to some nostalgia in April thanks to an advertising campaign devised by Saatchi & Saatchi for CIB bank as part of the commemorations for Budapest’s Grand Boulevards 120-year anniversary. The title of the campaign was “The world’s first antique steampunk cash machines.” – and saw the street’s five CIB branches installed with the curious contraptions.


For those in love with architecture and interior style, Architectural Digest came out in May with the ultimate guide to Budapest. From where to stay, what to see, what to eat and drink and even where to shop – the article is a what’s what guide to all things classy in the city affectionately known as the “Paris of the East”.

aria hotel budapestPhoto: Satchmo’s Library at Aria Hotel Budapest Zoltán Perényi/Budapest Local


You’ve probably heard of Szimpla and it’s unofficial title as the coolest bar in Budapest, but you might not know that it’s responsible for sparking a remarkable renaissance in the neighborhood that surrounds it. From deserted former Jewish ghetto to hipster hotspot, this NYPost article delves deep into the area’s transformation into “the city’s mecca of cool”.

jewish budapestPhoto: Kazinczy Street Orthodox Synagogue. Budapest Zoltán Perényi/Budapest Local

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Jewish heritage and history is woven deep into Budapest, and indeed, in the many hundreds of years that there has been a large Jewish community in the city, there have been periods of prosperity and acceptance as well as times of extreme hardship and shunning. In this article from Forward, the author interviews Mary Gluck, who’s written “The Invisible Jewish Budapest””, and talks about the Jewish experience in Budapest and the community’s efforts to integrate over the years.

Photo: forward.com


Stick to the guide book and you’ll find plenty to do in Budapest, just perhaps not much out of the ordinary. But if you’re looking to really delve into Hungarian life and culture and want to get off the infamous beaten track, Perceptive Travel have your back with some ideas for unusual activities in Budapest, including our Budapest Craft Beer Tour.

eat & meetPhoto: Eat & Meet Apartment Restaurant. Zoltán Perényi/Budapest Local


Hungarians are avowed meat and dairy eaters – something which can see vegans leaving Budapest off their list for fear of going hungry. Well, fear no longer, because the city is undergoing a culinary renaissance with food from all over the world making it onto the table. This includes vegan dishes which can now be found at increasing number of places across the city. Vegan Tearoom tells you where.

Photo: vegantearoom.com

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For the uninitiated, Bitcoin is a form of cyber currency not issued by any one bank or country and existing only in electronic form. Apart from the sheer novelty factor, there are lots of advantages to using it, but low uptake by shops and merchants don’t give you much of a chance. Luckily Budapest is leading the way for Bitcoin adoption in this part of the world and The Coin Telegraph is here to tell you how to get involved.

Photo: cointelegraph.com


You might be intrigued to learn that Hungary has had a tumultuous history at the hands of many an invading army over the years. The most recent unwelcome rulers in Hungary were the Soviet Union during the Cold War. While neighboring countries faced their own struggles, in 1956, the people of Hungary decided to stand up against what they saw as oppressive rule and push for change. Let National Interest tell you how that went.

Photo: nationalinterest.org


Budapest comes alive around Christmas, thanks in no small part to the beautiful markets both big and small that spring up all over the city. Whether you’re looking for arts, crafts or just a bite to eat you’ll find it all – and The Guardian helps you know what to expect.

Photo: theguardian.com

About the author: Andrew Davison is an entrepreneur and blogger in Budapest. He runs a startup called Teacher Finder, matching people with language teachers in their city. 

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