Winery Tours With Wine Tasting and Lunch

If you want to fully explore the Hungarian wines and vineyards, then you will love these unique tours, led by a wine-specialized tour guide. You will be taken to the most beautiful vineyards in the country, where you will meet the wine makers, taste some great wines and will also have a delicious lunch either at a local home or at a carefully-selected local restaurant.

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Highlights of These Tours

Each tour includes visits to three wineries, tastings, lunch (either homemade or at a local restaurant owned by a winery), and a great day spent with other wine lovers. By the end of the day, you’ll have a good understanding of Hungarian wine making as well as of the wines you tasted and the region you visited. These tours are also offered as private tours.

Tokaj Wineries With Wine Tasting and Lunch

  Mon, Fri, private tours offered daily
 Lunch, snacks & wine included
  Transportation included
 Hotel pick-up & drop-off included

Tokaj, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is Hungary’s most famous wine region and the first delimited wine region in the world, dating back at least 1,000 years. The region is wholly a white wine region, best known for its sweet aszú wines, which are made from botrytized grapes. But over the past decade or so, winemakers have increasingly been focusing on dry wines, to much success. If you are a wine lover who has to choose just one Hungarian wine region to visit, it should definitely be Tokaj.

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wine tours in hungary

wine tours in hungary

Tokaj Jewish Heritage & Wine Tour

  Available daily
 Lunch, snacks & wine included
  Transportation included
 Hotel pick-up & drop-off included

Before the Holocaust, Jewish communities were thriving all over the country, including the Tokaj region, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where Jews had a major role in both wine making, sale and transport of wine from Tokaj.

Tokaj’s Jewish story began in the 1700s when Jews from Galicia settled down in the region. Most of them were Hasidic Jews and by the 20th century, Tokaj became the center of Hasidism in the region. During the Holocaust, about 600,000 Hungarian Jews were killed, and unlike in Budapest, where the majority of the Jewish community survived and many of them stayed after the war, Jews who were from the countryside and had left before the Holocaust, never returned.

This tour includes visits to many Jewish historic sites, including cemeteries, synagogues and old stately Jewish homes as well as to a winery of Jewish significance where you’ll taste some great Tokaj wines (both dry and sweet).

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wine tours in hungary

wine tours in hungary

Villány Wineries With Wine Tasting and Lunch

  Wed, Sat, private tours offered daily
  Lunch, snacks & wine included
  Transportation included
  Hotel pick-up & drop-off included

Villány is a charming village with a strong Swabian influence, evident in its row of traditional whitewashed cellars, which are very much still in use. The region comprises 11 villages which are best known for their reds (especially cabernet franc, which is outstanding here) though in one section of the region, Siklós, white grapes also grow. In Villány, many winemakers operate bed and breakfasts and restaurants, making it a great place to spend a night or two.

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wine tours in hungary

Somló and Lake Balaton Wineries With Wine Tasting and Lunch

  Sunday, private tours offered daily
 Lunch, snacks & wine included
  Transportation included
 Hotel pick-up & drop-off included

Somló is Hungary’s smallest wine region located north of Lake Balaton in the area of a long-extinct volcanic hill with beautiful and untouched vineyards. This is a white wine region and the wines tend to be high in alcohol, very acidic, and have lots of volcanic minerality. These wines meant to be aged and are made in tiny quantities, so they are hardly exported. Once you try these wonderful wines from Somló you will forever recognize the taste of them.

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wine tours in hungary

winery tours in hungary

Wineries in Eger With Wine Tasting and Lunch

  Tue, Thu, private tours offered daily
 Lunch, snacks & wine included
  Transportation included
 Hotel pick-up & drop-off included

Eger is Hungary’s northernmost red-wine-producing region. Though better known for its reds (including its flagship “Bull’s Blood” blend), it also produces many whites with high minerality. The region has a fascinating system of cellars, some of which are still being discovered under the town. Many of Eger’s best wineries are located in villages outside of town, but the town of Eger itself has played an important role in Hungary’s history, and is worth taking some time to explore.

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wine tours in hungary

wine tours in hungary

Why I Recommend These Tours

If you are a wine-lover and also want to learn more about Hungary beyond Budapest, then we highly recommend that you book one of these tours. They offer a unique way of visiting some of the most beautiful parts of the country while also exploring some wonderful vineyards and wineries. Since these are full-day tours, you’ll get to visit several wineries, taste many different wines and also enjoy a delicious lunch.

Organizing such day trips on your own would be quite demanding as it’s not easy to get in touch with the wineries, arrange transport, lunch and more. These tours offer a stress-free and comfortable way of visiting the best wineries in the various regions with a knowledgable wine-specialized guide.

Hajnalka Módis
Founder of Budapest Local

  Tour Price

  Group Size

2 to 6 people


Full day


These tours operate all year round.

Pick-up time: around 8:30am from your hotel in Budapest

Drop-off time: around 8pm at your hotel in Budapest

  Private Tours

This tour is also available as a private tour, which can be customized.

  Your Guide

Tours are led by a food wine-specialized tour guide.

  Food & Wine

Each tour includes three winery visits with generous tastings of 5-8 wines at each. Light snacks and bottles of mineral water for the car ride are included.

These tours also include a generous three-course lunch and selection of local cheese and charcuterie to accompany one of the tastings. A cold plate of local products (cheese, meat, etc.) will accompany the final tasting of the day.

  Legal Drinking Age

The legal drinking age is 18 in Hungary, so anyone aged 18 and above is welcome to participate!

  Additional Information

A list of the places visited on the tour (plus many more for you to check out on your own) will be emailed to you.

You will also be given tasting sheets for you to take wine notes to keep for your memories/records.

These experiences are part of our recommended tours and activities and they are offered by one of our partner companies.

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Great guide with inside knowledge of the country and the wines

“We started a 10 days tour in Vienna, then moved to Budapest via several interesting wineries (including staying one night “on the farm”) and a stop on beautiful lake Balaton then on to Tokay and back through the great plains. All perfectly organised, and a fantastic guide Aniko who was keen on showing us her country in depth.”

turifoia, Monchique, Portugal

Great day in †Eger‡ visiting the wineries and the city sights

“Anett was an excellent and knowledgeable guide. We knew little about wines in this region of Hungary and she shared insights with us throughout the day and while we visited two wineries in the area, along with more insights over an incredible lunch.”

melissa k, Brookfield, Wisconsin

Tokaji‡ Wine Region Tour

“We had an excellent time on our tour of the Tokaji wine region. Our tour guide, Mark, was very knowledgeable about not only the wine, but also the local food and culture. We visited two wineries and had a lovely lunch together. It was a special experience that rivaled recent trips to Bordeaux. The trip included a driver as well as our tour guide. It is a long day trip (it is a 2 hour drive from Budapest to Tokaji) but it was well worth it. This was one of our favorite days of our two week trip in Central Europe. Highly recommend.”

lauramichelleh, Seattle, Washington

Great †Tokaj‡ Jewish Heritage and Wine Tasting Tour!

“We went on the Tokaj Jewish Heritage and Wine Tasting Tour with Eszter. Having Eszter as our guide was fantastic; as she was very knowledgable about Hungarian Jewish heritage and answered our many, many questions. We saw synagogues, cemeteries, and ended with a wonderful lunch with Hungarian wines plus a visit to a wine cellar to taste the wines of Tokaj. It was a full day but we learned so much and loved the wine, and our guide.”

emlars, Los Angeles, California

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