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District 9 Beer Festival: The Ultimate Budapest Craft Beer Tour in 2 Days

District 9 held their indoor beer festival over the weekend, mapping out a community that involved 18 bars spanning a distance of 1999 meters serving 99 different craft beers on tap. By visiting each participating venue for a beer and collecting their stamp, you could do the ultimate Budapest craft beer tour. Challenge accepted!

And to help give a visual documentation of our D9 beer tour, we flew in London-based photographer and Budapest craft beer enthusiast Claudio Saroldi to tag along.


Day 1

District 9 - Monyo Café

1st location: Monyó Café
Beers we tried: Invisible Bikini Porter, 60′ Shades of Kohatu IPA
Comments: Features a daily rotating tap list from their wide selection of beers.

District 9 - Buddog

2nd location: Buddog
Beers we tried: Xmoke üveg
Comments: The pull pork sandwich was nicely washed down with a nice craft beer.


District 9 - Beer to go

3rd location: Beer to go
Beers we tried: Fekete erdő, Ogre
Comments: Really large bottle selection from most of the local breweries.

District 9 - Green Sheep

4th location: Green Sheep
Beers we tried: Golden Age, Busó
Comments: Nice cozy bar with a selection of their own brew as well as some bottled German beers.


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5th location: Jónás Kézműves Sörház
Beers we tried: Kabrió, Ravasz Hód
Comments: Beautiful location on the Danube River with an equally beautiful selection of their own brew as well as other local beers.

District 9 - Importer

6th location: Importer
Beers we tried: Signature Pale Ale, Atom Camomile
Comments: As the name says, come here to try some imported craft beer on tap that you won’t get anywhere else in the city.


District 9 - Tompa Angyal Bisztró & Kávézó

7th location: Tompa Angyal Bisztró & Kávézó
Beers we tried: Laško Zlatorog, Laško Dark
Comments: A nice basement bar with a terrace for the summertime.

District 9 - Élesztőház

8th location: Élesztőház
Beers we tried: C10, III – cask ale
Comments: This is the secret hub of Hungarian craft beer featuring the largest selection of local beer on tap. The final stop on our standard Budapest craft beer tour, Élesztő was celebrating it’s 3rd birthday this weekend by serving their first cask ale.


District 9 - Pepin

9th location: Pepin
Beers we tried: Düsseldorf alt, Halál
Comments: A small but intimate bar with friendly staff and a nice selection of bottled and draft beer.

District 9 - Hazai kézműves finomságok

10th location: Hazai kézműves finomságok
Beers we tried: WHT IPA
Comments: This is a shop that sells home farmed products such as sausage, salami, cheese, and bottles of craft beer of course. Make sure you try their tasty ham.


District 9 - Mandarin Cafe & Bistro

11th location: Mandarin Cafe & Bistro
Beers we tried: 222, Ale Capone
Comments: Not too much on tap here, but we were able to try a couple of tasty bottled ales here.

District 9 - Skancenclub

12th location: Skanzenclub
Beers we tried: Pokerface, Jézus Ale
Comments: Come here to smoke inside, tap your own beer and pledge your donations for the “service”.


District 9 - Cech-In Lónyay

13th location: Cech-In Lónyay
Beers we tried: Flying could IPA
Comments: Features some Czech style pilsners but we went with the IPA.

District 9 - iF Jazz Café

14th location: iF Jazz Café
Beers we tried: Equinox, Sydanpuu sahti
Comments: A great place to listen to some jazz and have a drink.

Day 2

District 9 - Pesti Burger és Bár

15th location: Pesti Burger és Bár
Beers we tried: Pesti Csapolt
Comments: Without a doubt, the best burger in Budapest. We had to go back the next day it was so yummy. And they served their own beer as well.

District 9 - Manga Cowboy

16th location: Manga Cowboy
Beers we tried: Zubr Barna, Primátor Buza
Comments: An interesting Japanese anime concept bar on the busy Ráday utca.


District 9 - Kaltenberg Sörház & Étterem

17th location: Kaltenberg Sörház & Étterem
Beers we tried: Kaltenberg Barna, Kaltenberg Lager
Comments: A Bavarian style beer hall serving hearty German food and a very delicious unfiltered lager brewed in the cellar.

District 9 - Doktor Blažej

18th location: Doktor Blažej
Beers we tried: Primátor IPA, Primátor Premium Dark
Comments: A great selection of Primátor beers. This was a nice way to end our tour.

All photos by Claudio Saroldi. You may visit website to see the complete set of photos from our tour.

Success! We were able to collect stamps from all 18 venues on the map. By the end of the festival, we had discovered a few new places that we did not know about before as well as spend some time with the D9 community during an exciting weekend. Great work for everyone involved.

So….. ARE YOU READY to come on the next Budapest craft beer tour?

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