Budapest is a beautiful city, but when it comes to greeneries and parks, we still don’t have enough options. However, there are still some nice parks that both locals and travelers can enjoy.

One of the most popular parks in Budapest is on Margaret Island. This unique place is between Buda and Pest and is easily accessible through Margaret Bridge. On the island, you’ll find cafés, restaurants, a great running track, the ruins of a Dominican convent, a hotel and spa, and lots of green space, including a tranquil Japanese garden.

You can also visit City Park, where Széchenyi Bath is also located. This area is under heavy reconstruction though, so it’s not the most relaxing place in Budapest at the moment.

If you’re in the center, make sure you visit Károlyi Kert. It’s usually busy with kids and young parents, but it’s still a great spot if you want to take a break from all the traffic and noise in the city. There is also a nice café right outside of the park called Csendes Társ.

There are two botanical gardens in Budapest that are also worth checking out: One is on the Pest side and it’s like a small oasis in one of the busiest neighborhoods of the city. The plants and flowers are truly unique here with also birds that you wouldn’t find anywhere else in Budapest. There is also a palm house with exotic plants.

The other botanical garden is on the Buda side on Gellért Hill, and it’s also a very quiet spot. Once you’re there, make sure you also take a short walk to the Citadelle, one of the best lookout spots in the city. When you’re on the Buda side, there are many more options for green spaces, and if you have more time to explore Budapest, we definitely recommend that you do some hiking in the Buda Hills.

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