Tokaj is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Northern Hungary, known for its sweet wines called Tokaji aszú, which are made from botrytized grapes. Botrytis is a type of fungus that shrivels and decays wine grapes, however, it also increases the sweetness level, adds more flavor and also often more alcohol to the wine.

Tokaji Aszú wines are among the most famous sweet wines in the world, made of botritized grapes, and they are often paired with desserts at the table.

You’ll find Tokaji Aszú on the menu at many restaurants in Budapest, but if you want to learn more about the Tokaj region, where its produced (and where excellent dry white wines are also made), then make sure you sign up for a wine tour in the region. On the tour, you’ll get to taste many different wines, visit the vineyards, enjoy a delicious lunch and also get to see one of the most beautiful regions of the country.

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