There are many great festivals in Budapest throughout the year from small-scale local festivals to massive international happenings. The largest and most well-known festival is Sziget, held every year in August. Started back in 1993 as a music festival, today, Sziget is one of the largest music and cultural festivals in Europe with international bands, cultural events and more.

While Sziget takes place over one week, the Budapest Spring Festival is a two-week-long festival and it’s held in several locations all over the city. The festival is sponsored by the Hungarian government and it mainly focuses on traditional arts.

CAFe Budapest – Contemporary Arts Festival takes place in the fall, usually in October. This festival is less traditional than the Spring Festival, but it also involves many venues and locations in the city.

The Jewish Cultural Festival is held in late August and early September and it’s a great festival with lots of cultural events from music to theatre and visual arts focusing on traditional and contemporary Jewish culture.

There are also festivals around food and drinks, such as the Gourmet Festival in the spring, the Budapest Wine Festival in the Buda Castle in September or the BPBW – Beer Week in Budapest, an international craft beer festival in May.

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