Hungary is pretty western when it comes to shopping opening hours – with stores open Mon-Sat anywhere from 7am up until about 6pm or even as late as 9pm or 10pm in malls and on bigger shopping streets. For those with the late night munchies, thousands of 24-hour convenience stores can be found all over the city.

One thing worth nothing for you smokers is that tobacco products are regulated and can only be sold from government-operated stores called “Nemzeti Dohánybolt”. Luckily, you’re never likely to be more than a 5-minute walk from one of them, but please note that quite a few are open 24 hours a day.

Bad news though, smoking anywhere inside apart from your own private accommodation is illegal. You’ll need to go outside. As for restaurants and museums, if they have a day where they are closed, it will be Monday, but this isn’t a hard and fast universal rule, so check opening times before heading out.

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