We have continental weather in Hungary, which means we get to enjoy all four seasons. December is the first month of the winter season and it can get very cold with high humidity, which makes it feel even colder. That said, it’s also possible to have days with temperatures closed to 10 degrees Celsius. However, it’s usually between +5 and -5 degrees and the temperature usually stays below 0 during the night.

During the winter season, it usually snows at least a couple of times (although we used to have more snow), and if the temperature remains low enough, the snow will stay for a couple of days, especially on the Buda side.

If you’re coming to Budapest in December, make sure you pack enough warm clothes and warm shoes and/or boots that are also comfortable to walk around in the snow. You’ll need a good winter coat as well as a warm scarf, a cap and gloves

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