The two sides of Budapest, Buda and Pest are very different from one another, which gives a unique characteristic to the Hungarian capital. Buda is the hilly side with lots of greenery and beautiful residential areas. It’s also where the Castle District is, so many travelers decide to cross the river to see this beautiful neighborhood or to check out the stunning view over the city from Gellért Hill.

The Pest side is mainly flat with lots of businesses, stores, restaurants, cafés and a buzzing nightlife. There are also lots of apartment buildings in Pest as well as museums and concert halls, so this side of the river always feels busy and bustling. Most of the hotels are also in Pest, so probably this is where you’ll be staying while in Budapest. If you want to learn more about activities and things to do on the two sides of the river, then make sure you read our article about Buda and Pest.

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