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6 Unique Places in Budapest for Shoe Shopping

It’s no coincidence that Budapest earned its name as City of Design by UNESCO, since the city is bursting in creativity – and fashion is no exception! However, to make life easier and narrow down the list, it’s time to talk about Hungarian fashion made for walking. Check out our list on where to buy shoes in Budapest, either made by Hungarian designers or curated especially for the unique Hungarian market!

1. Cargomoda

Cargomoda is a tiny shop on Wesselényi Street in the heart of the Jewish district. Spice up your wardrobe with handmade shoes from all walks of life with core brands like Maians from Barcelona. Cargomoda also sells Goorin hats from San Francisco that will not only give you a stylish look, but will also protect you from the sun while you’re out exploring the streets of Budapest this summer.

ADDRESS     33 Wesselényi Street, 1077 Budapest    SHOW ON MAP
OPENING HOURS    2pm–8pm Tue–Sat, closed on Monday and Sunday
Visit their website for more info and to see the models.


Photo: official Facebook page of Cargomoda

2. Tisza Cipő

If you want something unique that you can only buy in Hungary, then check out Tisza Cipő! These trendy leather sports shoes are one of Hungary’s most successful brands, and while they’re not the cheapest of brands, they are good quality shoes that are made to last. The brand dates back to 1971, and were the only shoes available on the communist market in Hungary.

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While they ceased production after the fall of communism, they actually saw a renaissance in the early 2000s, and since then, the brand has become highly popular among locals.

ADDRESS    1 Károly krt, 1075 Budapest     SHOW ON MAP
OPENING HOURS    2pm–8pm Mon–Sat, closed on Sunday
Visit their website for more info and to see the models.


Photo: official Facebook page of Tisza Cipő

3. Vass Shoes

Vass Cipő comes from a long family heritage of shoe makers, with László Vass coming from a generation of shoe makers who returned to the roots of their craft in a bid to create shoes of the highest quality. Their shoes are not only elegant in design, but made to last. Vass Cipő specialises in gentlemen’s shoes, featuring high-class and elegant designs for the nouveau dandy. You can be assured you’ll find shoes made from the best materials here. And if you don’t find what you’re looking for, László Vass welcomes special requests, too.

ADDRESS    6 Haris köz, 1052 Budapest    SHOW ON MAP
OPENING HOURS    10am–7pm Mon–Fri, 10am–4pm Sat, closed on Sun
Visit their website for more info and to see the models.


Photo and featured image: official Facebook page of Vass Shoes / Vass Cipő

4. Katalin Benkő

In the true spirit of Hungarian start up design, Benko Katalin’s workshop can be found in the design collective Paloma. You’ll also see her lace adorned, colourful creations, which are handcrafted works of art at design fairs in the city. While it’s not so easy to find her creations in high street shops, you can pop into her studio in Paloma, on Kossuth Lajos Street for her ultra-unique and feminine footwear.

ADDRESS    First floor #2 at Paloma – 14–16 Kossuth Lajos Street, 1053 Budapest    SHOW ON MAP
OPENING HOURS    11am–7pm Mon–Fri, 11am–3pm Sat, closed on Sunday
Visit her Tumblr page to see more models.


Photo: Katalin Benkő’s official Tumblr page

5. Réka Vágó

After having fallen in love with the art of shoes at an early age, Réka Vágó has gone on to become one of Hungary’s most popular and celebrated shoe designers. Educated both in Hungary, at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest and in London College of Fashion of Art, Vágó returned to Hungary in 2005 to start her own brand.

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All her shoes are made from the best materials with women in mind, blending femininity with comfort. You’ll see her creations on Hungarian celebrities, but her footwear is open to all women. She’s currently moving to another store, so make sure you follow her Facebook for updates. In the meantime, you can check out her shoes online or at Bori Tóth’s store called  Maison Marquise.


Photo:official Facebook page of Réka Vágó 

6. Juhos Cipő

Established more than 100 years ago by Vitus Juhos, this handmade shoes brand is another family run footwear business. All the shoes are still made by hand and with the best materials, making them really comfortable as well as being trendy and stylish in design. Juhos wants to retain its small, local family business feel, and its core philosophy lies in making good quality shoes made with care rather than turning a profit.

ADDRESS    10 Váci Street, 1052 Budapest    SHOW ON MAP
OPENING HOURS     2pm–6pm Tue–Thu, 12pm–4pm Fri, closed on Monday, Saturday and Sunday.
Visit their website for more info and to see the models.


Photo: official Facebook page of Juhos Cipő

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