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Where to stay in Budapest?

where to stay in budapest

Editor’s note: This post has been updated for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness on Friday, January 27th, 2017.

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Where to stay in Budapest? That’s probably one of the first questions that comes to mind when you start planning your trip to the Hungarian capital. There are way too many options and if you don’t know the city and the neighborhoods, you will be facing hours of research. Of course, you can filter your options by your budget and maybe even by the style of accommodation, however, you’ll still end up with too many possibilities. So instead of spending hours in front of your computer going through websites and reviews, just read our curated list of 6 great hotels and accommodations in Budapest from the absolute high end to the budget option.

1. The crème de la crème

The Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace Budapest is as luxurious as it gets. Built in the early 20th century in Secessionist style, Gresham Palace features beautiful architectural details, including stunning stained glass windows and gorgeous mosaics. If you choose the Four Seasons Hotel in Budapest, you will have a truly luxurious experience, but what makes this hotel so unique is the breathtaking view over the Buda side that you can enjoy from the rooms. The hotel was also named the 9th best hotel in Europe, and also the best hotel in Hungary by the 2014 TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice Awards. You can reserve your room at the Four Seasons from around €500 with breakfast included. Check availability & prices.

four seasons christmas market

Photo: fourseasons.com/budapest

2. The Buda side

There is one thing you probably already know about Budapest and that is the great difference between the Buda and the Pest sides. Buda, being the more residential part of the city, is usually less popular among tourists when it comes to figuring out where to stay in Budapest, while the Pest side is much busier with lots of hotels, hostels and other types of accommodation. Also, usually people think that it’s better to stay on the Pest side because it’s easier to get around and get back to their hotels especially if they stay out late during the night. However, the Buda side also has its advantages, such as the beautiful panorama of Pest that you can obviously only enjoy from the Buda side. Also, crossing the river on one of the bridges doesn’t take that long and during the summertime, it’s actually a really pleasant walk: on a clear night, the view with the lights is absolutely stunning.

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So if we’ve just convinced you about staying on the Buda side during your trip to Budapest, then we recommend you check out the Lánchíd 19 Design Hotel. Lánchíd is the Hungarian name of Chain Bridge, so as you’ve probably guessed, this hotel is right at the Buda side of Chain Bridge. It is a design hotel with a lot of glass surfaces both on the façade and in the interior. The façade also features a lighting design concept with changing colors, while in the interior, you can walk on a glass floor that allows you to see the ruins of a medieval water tower below. Each room at the hotel has a distinct look with beautiful modern chairs and matching designs on the wall. Standard rooms for 2 people are available from €84. Check availability & prices.

where to stay in budapest

Photo: lanchid19hotel.hu

3. The boutique hotel

If you’re looking for a stylish place to stay in one of the trendiest Budapest neighborhoods, then Brody House is your best choice. With the unique design, created by the Brody House Design team, the 11 rooms all feature a special look with a mixture of contemporary and refurbished vintage-style furniture. If you stay at Brody House, you’ll also have access to the members only club called Brody Studios, where you can enjoy parties and live performances and can also hang out with locals and an international crowd, which will definitely enhance your Budapest experience. Rooms are available from €110. Check availability & prices.

where to stay in budapest
Photo: Brody House

4. The local experience

Some of you would like to experience Budapest like a local. In the past, the only way to do this was to know someone in the city. Luckily though, you now have an option to rent an apartment or even a room on Airbnb and stay in a local home. The advantages of renting from Airbnb is that you have a place (usually centrally located) that can make you feel at home in a foreign place. You usually have all the amenities that you would at home, including a kitchen where you can experiment with cooking using local ingredients.

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The price is generally competitive and there are plenty of options, depending on which neighbourhood suits you best in Budapest. And to get yourself fully immersed into the local experience, we recommend renting just a room and staying with a local. By doing this, you will get first hand knowledge of the city with advice and recommendations directly from a local. It’s almost like staying with a friend. Check out Sophie & Jason’s beautiful designer apartment to get the full Budapest Local experience.

where to stay in budapest

Photo: airbnb.com

5. The turn of the century style

If you want to experience what Budapest was like at the turn of the century, then you should check out the Gerlóczy Café and Rooms. The coffee house culture has always been very rich in Budapest, but the golden age was definitely at the turn of the century, when many people practically spent their entire days at the coffee houses. Gerlóczy is a great place to experience both this awesome culture and a turn-of-the-century style accommodation with some “modern touches”, according to the website. And what’s more, it is all on a quiet square in the heart of Budapest. You can have a double room at Gerlóczy from €79 and if you want to enjoy a balcony overlooking the square and the pretty café terrace, then you can have that for €79. Check availability & prices.

where to stay in budapest

Photo: Gerlóczy Café and Rooms

6. The budget option

Who says being on a tight budget means not having great options for accommodation? In fact, there are plenty of awesome hostels in Budapest with a unique design and style and many of them are in the very heart of the city. If you’re looking for something on a budget, then we recommend that you check out Loft Hostel. It’s a very laid back small hostel where everything is about the guests: they have a big common room, an equipped guest kitchen, spacious rooms, plenty of lockers free of use, 24-hour security, free towels, free maps and the list just goes on.

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You can also ask the friendly staff if you have any questions about Budapest. And you can even make a good deal with the hostel staff: just tell them where you are before arriving to Budapest and they might ask you to bring some special olives or beer in exchange for a free night at the Loft. Isn’t that really great? You can have a bed in this awesome hostel for 2 nights from €30. Check availability & prices.

where to stay in budapest

Photo: lofthostel.hu

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